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Egg-Cellent Sandwiches - Food (3PD) - Ordering

The Sweet & Salty


Breakfast Sandwich Side:Homefries & Onions Hash Browns Homefries & Onions with Cheese +$1Hash Browns & Cheese +$1Fruit Salad +$2Grits with Cheese +$1Subs.for Fries +$1.49Grits
Egg Temp:Scrambled Scrambled Soft Scrambled Hard Scrambled with Cheese +$1Sunny Side Up Egg Whites +$2Over Easy Over Hard Over Medium Basted Poached Boiled
Action Mods:NO Onion NO Tomato NO Cheese No Mushroom No Green Pepper
Server Note:Do NOT Make See Server Dressing On Side No Sauce Split Plate As App As Entree On The Fly ***Allergy***
Breakfast Add on Extras:Extra Bacon +$1.99Extra Sausage +$1.99Extra Egg +$1.49Xtra Ham +$1.99Add Cheese +$1
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